Dermacol Matte Marina
Dermacol Matte Marina
Dermacol Matte Marina

Dermacol Matte Marina

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Dermacol Matte Mania Lipstick 


SKIN TYPE: All types

BENEFITS: Long-lasting and intense colors ,Beautiful rich shades ,High pigmentation
The pleasant applicator will help you precisely contour your lips



Vegetarian & Vegan texture (does not contain any animal products and is not tested on animals)



10 - very light powder pink

11 - nude with a hint of peach

12 - nude with a hint of brown

14 - caramel-pink

17 - subdued peach with a hint of pink

20 - bright, cool pink with a hint of purple

21 - cool pink with a hint of purple

 23 - warm subdued pink

24 - intense pink with subtle particles iridescent violet

30 - bright cool lavender

31 - intense medium violet with a hint of pink

33 - violet

34 - violet with a hint of red and subtle particles of iridescent on pink

51 - carrot red

52 - red with a subtle hint of orange

53 - dimmed red

55 - red

56 - dark cherry / brown


• Liquid lipstick.

• Matte finish.

• Paraben-free.

• Available in 18 shades.

• Trouble-free, precise application.


Matte Mania Lipstick by Dermacol Liquid lipstick

It has a high degree of pigmentation. It leaves an elegant, matte finish. The formula does not contain parabens. The light texture creates a protective layer that protects your lips from drying. The product is available in 18 intense color variants, so everyone will find the right shade for themselves. The applicator guarantees precise distribution.


Dermacol is offering a matte lipstick that provides maximum comfort to your lips. This irresistible liquid matte lipstick with a light and high-coverage texture

will create a protective layer to protect your lips against drying out!
Result: Beautifully made-up matte lips
Use: Apply the lipstick with one stroke over your lips and let it dry



Volume: 3,5 ml